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Poor maintenance is the cause of up to 80% of equipment failures.  Our technically advanced cleaning cards are specifically designed for reader heads to allow preventative maintenance without dismantling the drives.  Each cleaning card is presaturated and sealed in foil to ensure a clean card and the proper amount of solution for each cleaning.  Our cards are lint free, non-abrasive and double sided so that both the reader head and transport rollers can be cleaned at the same time.  Our cleaning cards will effectively remove heavy dirt caused by pollution, oxides and continuous use.  When used daily, they can drastically reduce the number of service calls required for each unit.  Our cards are designed to clean the latest equipment and are unconditionally guaranteed.

The high costs of neglect include customer dissatisfaction and frequent service calls.


Magnetic stripe reader cleaning card for ATM's, Credit Card swipes, door locks, POS, pay-at-the-pump and similar equipment

Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards

Cleans most types of thermal printers quickly and easily

Dollar Bill Reader Cleaning Card

For used on bill validators, readers and currency handling equipment


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